Stardom Africa is the place you want to be.

This is the place where your dream becomes a reality. Be sure to register today. Before it is too late.

How do I participate?
Ans: by registering on our website
Will I pay money for the registration?
Ans: Our registration is free
How will winners be picked?
Ans: Only one winner will win the price
What is the age requirement for registration?
Ans: 18 and above
Do I need a degree to participate in the show?
Ans: you don’t need any degree,
What is the price to be won?
Ans: a brand new car and cash of 4million
How many contestants will be in the show?
Ans: 40 house mate
I am an African but living outside, am I still eligible to participate?
Ans: yes you are eligible
Do I need to be an actor or artiste to be eligible to participate?
Ans: you don’t need any special talent,
How do I know I am qualified for auditioning?
Ans: a text message will be sent to you

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